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    The company

    • Sector: Fashion small metal parts
    • Location: Tuscany
    • Production: Manufacturing of Brass and Zama at the highest levels of quality
    • Strengths: Leading manufacturer of accessories for leather goods, costume jewelry & gifts with more than 50 years’ experience


    Company needs

    • Pre – engineering of the production phases



    The client company’s initial need was to implement an engineering strategy for some production processes.

    NeroSuBianco outlined the critical areas for developing the project by dividing them into:

    • Centralized stock management via MES
    • Management of batch production instead of complete orders
    • Traceability of the material throughout the production process
    • Management of work instructions and planning through displays in the workshop instead of on paper


    Consequently, the action plan was developed by making an initial comparative selection of MES software to find a solution to the four technological challenges of the client company:

    • How to manage the passage through the galvanic process?
    • Which technology is the most suitable?
    • Initial item count
    • Total integration


    This was followed by the creation of a working demonstrator to verify the actual feasibility of the project and a general automation plan for the entire factory.

    The results obtained were many:

    • increased efficiency in the management of work instructions and planning that no longer take place on paper but via the display in the workshop


    • Complete order tracking

    • Introduction of a MES and Display system in order to maintain the traceability of the material throughout the production process with the use of sensor equipment and inventory updating in real time

    • A solution was found to manage the passage of semi-finished products through the galvanic process

    with the use of different types of tracking based on the degree of accuracy required by the client company:

    and also a solution to the initial item count

    Finally, a total integration plan was proposed for all the aforementioned elements to have full control of the entire production process

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