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    The company

    • Sector: Patch and regeneration of electronic boards
    • Location: Tuscany
    • Production: Over 10 years of experience in the restoration of industrial electronic equipment of leading brands
    • Strengths: Promoter of the Industry Service 4.0


    Company needs

    • Correct classification of R&D activities
    • Production process automation
    • Increase of the existing production capacity



    NeroSuBianco’s relationship with this company stems from an initial need on the part of the customer for technical assistance on taxation and subsidized finance. Thanks to our intervention, the company was able to obtain a tax benefit to boost further investments in R&D.

    However, NeroSuBianco does not limit its consultancy to a financial area, but analyzes the company’s production process at 360 °, offering targeted solutions for each company.

    In this specific case, the client company has recognized by some leading brands the expertise in the regeneration of electronic boards that allows you to extend the productive life of industrial machinery, with an artisan process consolidated in more than 10 years of experience.

    NeroSuBianco, through a scouting activity, accompanied the client company on a visit to a CNR laboratory in Milan and identified a replicable 4.0 factory model for the automated re-engineering of electronic boards.

    NeroSuBianco, knowing deeply about European policies and support tools for promoting the circular economy, has identified a Horizon 2020 research project and guaranteed technical assistance to the client company to participate as an official partner.

    The client company obtains from the European project financial resources and know-how for R&D activities such as:

    • Design of new efficient processes thanks to a European network of research partners;
    • Reengineering test of new products, with the aim of diversifying and expanding its markets, as well as opening potential commercial collaborations with other international industrial partners.


    Another fundamental goal deriving from the analysis of the production process made by NeroSuBianco is the collaboration established between the client company and the Milan Polytechnic thanks to which the same company was able to enter the Vanguard community for a project focused on the Circular Economy.

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