The company

    • Sector: Tanning
    • Location: Tuscany
    • Production: Leather processing without toxic elements such as azo dyes, nickel or PCP, and chromium
    • Strengths: Vegetable tanning – a production process that combines tradition, technology, and nature


    Company needs

    • Correct classification of R&D activities
    • Department’s reorganization
    • Production process efficiency
    • Production process digitalization
    • Transformation into a 4.0 company



    NeroSuBianco’s relationship with this company arises from an initial need on the part of the customer for technical assistance on the framing of the measures contained in the Business Plan.

    Initially, the focus was on the Tax Credit for Research and Development, an activity which, despite being carried out as an institutional activity by the company, the methods of emergence of the object and phases of said activity were not clear to the managers.

    Thanks to our intervention, the company was able to obtain a tax benefit of over 200 thousand euros, giving impetus to further investments in activities related to industry 4.0.

    NeroSuBianco’s relationship with this company stems from an initial need on the part of the customer for technical assistance on taxation and subsidized finance. Thanks to our intervention, the company was able to obtain a tax benefit of over 250 thousand euros reinvested for new projects in R&D.

    However, NeroSuBianco does not limit its consultancy to a purely financial area but analyzes the company’s production process at 360 °, offering targeted solutions for each company. In this specific case, the client company needed to make its production process more efficient and NeroSuBianco provided advice on the 4.0 world.

    Production efficiency is a direct consequence also deriving from the digitization of the manufacturing process and precisely in this area NeroSuBianco. Has created and planned a business to transform the company into a smart factory. This transformation process required financial support and NeroSuBianco took action to present the client company to the tender of the Tuscany Region related to the development of SMEs.

    Thanks to the future automation of manual processes, all stages of tanning will be improved, such as the automatic loading of the hides, the automatic quality control and the automation of the various processing stages. The implementation of the management control of all departments will also enable the company to reduce the waste of raw materials, monitor energy consumption and simplify the production process.


    The client company requested the intervention of NeroSuBianco also in the context of hyper-amortization in order to incentivize investments in capital goods purchased to transform the company in a technological and digital 4.0 key. NeroSuBianco managed to get the company to be certified as 4.0 and consequently the resulting tax benefit.

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