Fabrizio Riccomi

CEO & Business Developer

  • Our founder, an experienced strategy consultant who has been dedicating his professional life to exploring innovations in any possible service and industrial domain: public services, tourism, automotive, aerospace, textile, steel, paper, ICT, mechanical and mechatronic.
  • His uniqueness: seizing opportunities, looking beyond the present and obstacles
  • How he makes the difference: Marketing and exploitation, Innovation Management

Rita Zanni

Business Developer

  • Partner and business developer in Nerosubianco since 2018, she has a penchant for everything behind innovation: numbers, budgets, contracts, and certifications, relationships between technology demand and supply. Our reference point to make technological transformation processes robust
  • Her uniqueness: Precision, thoroughness, and punctuality in preventing problems and finding solutions where necessary
  • How she makes the difference: Marketing and exploitation, Innovation Management

Andrea Jester

Business Developer

  • Partner and business developer in Nerosubianco since 2013, he is our reference for smart industry projects. He has an innate curiosity in exploring the business potential of every new technological discovery and in discovering who could benefit from a recently tested technological innovation. He actively participates in A.Spire, Aeneas, and EpoSS working groups.
  • His uniqueness: A multilingual nomad, passionate about research, synergies and people.
  • How he makes the difference: Marketing and exploitation, Technology Development, Innovation Management

Riccardo Varotto

Project Manager

  • Our reference for circular economy projects. Riccardo has gained a decade of experience in planning, managing, and enhancing research and development projects ranging from new bio-based materials to techniques and technologies for the reuse of industrial waste. He actively participates in the Bio-Based Industries Consortium and A.Spire working groups.
  • His uniqueness: He delves into every single detail of new technology, bringing out all the advantages and disadvantages in a very short time.
  • How he makes the difference: Technology Scouting, Innovation brokering

Davide Continati

Project Manager

  • The right person to handle any aspect related to reporting, document or administrative management, interpretation of guidelines, or program manuals. He has always been working on national and international granted projects, in almost all domains where the Europen Commission provides grants.
  • His uniqueness: focused, he brings experience and calmness to the most complex situations.
  • How he makes the difference: Innovation Management

Sara Canella

Project Manager

  • Our reference for healthcare projects. Sara has a deep understanding of the demand and supply side of the healthcare ecosystem, along with direct experience in research activities on the human-technology relationship in the field of healthcare. She actively participates in EHTEL.
  • Her uniqueness: Enthusiasm, positivity, and an incredible eagerness to explore the full potential of healthcare technologies
  • How she makes the difference: Technology Development, Innovation Management

Andrea Franzoni

Project Manager

  • Our business analyst, with extensive experience in analyzing and evaluating the results of research and development activities for Italian and European companies. Additionally, he/she contributes financial and economic expertise, participating in projects by drafting business plans and assessing the economic impact of research activities
  • His uniqueness: Dedication and attention to detail, precision in numbers, and analytical skills of absolute value.
  • How he makes the difference: Marketing and exploitation, Innovation Management

Simona Aceto

Project Manager

  • Our reference for agri-food projects. Simona has been working for national and regional agencies has developed a keen sensitivity in bringing together different stakeholders and actors to solve complex problems or leverage otherwise unreachable opportunities.
  • Her uniqueness: The ability to engage and grasp all the potential offered by even very complex situations
  • How she makes the difference: Innovation Management

Michele Milesi

Project Manager

  • Our technical analyst, the engineer to whom we entrust analyses regarding industrial processes and the potential of new technologies in improving organization, production flows, logistics, and the entire value chain management
  • His uniqueness: the willingness to dive into technical depth and the ability to break down every problem into its smallest detail
  • How he makes the difference: Technology Development

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