Digital Healthcare

Digital innovation plays a strategic role in many areas, and healthcare is one of the most fertile grounds where technologies can make a difference.

  • What is meant by Digital Healthcare?

The application of digital technologies to support innovation in the healthcare system to make the delivery of services more effective and efficient, simplify access, improve communication between healthcare facilities and citizens, improve the quality of services or innovate the way they are performed, optimise hospitals or healthcare facility management and provide continuity of care regardless of the patient’s location.

  • NSB minding the gap between supply and demand:

Digital innovation requires that the demand and the supply sides meet and get to know each other.

NSB has been playing this role of ‘facilitator’ for 10 years, using European networks and projects as a tool to accelerate mutual acquaintance between those seeking solutions and those who have them.

  • How we operate:

How does NSB plays this role of facilitator?

In 4 ways:

  1. By supporting healthcare actors in developing and managing complex projects, within which they can learn about or experiment with highly innovative digital solutions: IRCSS San Camillo, IRCSS San Raffaele
  2. By helping companies or groups of companies to refine their solutions within projects that enable them to meet demand and meet the needs of one or more target groups of patients or healthcare professionals: Polo Ligure Life Sciences (IT), Vimar (IT), ITCL (ES), ePharmacons (GR)
  3. By Analysing the business potential of digital solutions developed and tested within European R&D projects: HosmartAI, and OpenDEI
  4. By Coordinating a European network of Digital Innovation Hubs on digital health: Digital Health Network


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