New VSM2 release

We are pleased to inform you that in cooperation with our partner Simplan the new major release SimVSM 2.0.0 has been recently released in the popular app stores.

Also taking into account user feedback, we have implemented the following improvements (as a selection):

Major improvements

  • Value stream mapping 4.0 (see image)
  • Italian language integration
  • Export of dynamic results as a PDF report

Functional improvements

  • Integration of product quantities in inventory ranges and process-specific customer cycle calculations
  • Zoom and search function for the modeling surface
  • Integrated PDF printer including margin minimization in a dynamic format for large graphics


(PRO version)

  • Improved product management in object menus
  • Guided arrangement of objects in the modeling surface (horizontal/vertical)
  • Easier duplication of alternatives and projects


Visual improvements in the modeling area

  • Text object revision
    • Color adjustments
    • Adding links (intranet/internet, file paths)
  • Extension of note objects (including tooltip border notes)
  • Changing the size of individual icons
  • Color indicator for special parameters
    • Waste, rework, errors for processes

Download iTunes App Store:

Download Microsoft Store:

Download Playstore/Android:


Updated information about SimVSM can be found on the product page.

An extensive online help with a detailed description of the functional scope and a full list of enhancements can also be found at

A short explanatory video can also be accessed via the SimPlan YouTube channel.