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The project that aims to develop novel alternative biobased polymers synthesized from bio-renewable monomers (e.g., dicarboxylic acids, diols, diamines, hydroxyacids, aminoacids, aromatic and phenolic compounds, fatty acids, oils, furans, others), sourced from underexploited, second generation (2G) feedstocks (e.g., Tomato and Olive wastes) and biomass (e.g., wood pulp and lignin derivatives), obeying a cascading principle.

  • Establish at least 12 bio-renewable monomers, extracted from biowaste feedstocks and/or selected from
    commercial ones (certified ISCC EU, ISCC Plus only), that will be used directly or after simple pre-treatments or
    combined and transformed into tailored building blocks (e.g., activated oligomers or small polymers).
  • Deploy several new biobased polymers of at least 4 families, such as PEs and PAs with pendent functional groups,
    PEFs, and PPhes, that mimic the properties of fossil-based polymers (e.g., PUs, PET, ABS, and Amine and other
    polymeric resins).
  • Develop chemo-enzymatic processes through environmentally friendly polymerization or copolymerization
    reactions, at mild environmental conditions, in aqueous, mini emulsions and solvent-free systems14,15,16
  • Establish at least 12 designed and synthesized polymers with tailor-made properties for specific plastic
    manufacturer´s applications including eco-design principles.
  • Establish at least 12 bio-composites or polymeric prototypes produced for technological testing, piloting, and
    validation by the plastic manufacturers of the Textiles, Automotive, Furniture, and Polymeric Resins industries.
Project preparatory phase:
  • Selection of the Italian company suitable for a Pilot Case focused on biobased polymer
  • Co-writing of the Dissemination and Exploitation WP, support to LP for the full proposal
Project implementation:
  • Support the implementation of specific use cases implemented by Italian partners
  • Responsible for the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities

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